Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Year 5 visit Cornbury Park

At the beginning of Year 5 the children take part in an exciting trip to Bushcraft in Cornbury Park, Oxford. It is an ideal opportunity for the children to develop independence, team building and social skills, as well as learn new crafts such as fire building, first aid, survival techniques and shelter building. Over the three days spent in the forest children have the chance to sleep in the open, star gaze, gut and prepare fish for eating, swim in a fresh water lake and participate in many games. Great fun was had by all! The children loved every moment, and can recall the events of the trip with great detail. For some children it was their first experience of sleeping in a tent and eating round and open fire. They have made some memories that will last forever and have bonded so well as a class at the beginning of a very important year in their school lives.

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