Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Music and Drama

Music & Drama are important areas of the curriculum allowing students to express themselves creatively.

Learning to understand and appreciate music can unlock for children one of the core elements of what makes us human. It is often said that in music, our minds and our hearts can express themselves at the same time. At Aldenham, music is very important and children benefit greatly from the fact that is NOT an after-thought ‘squeezed in’ only when there is time. From Nursery onward, all children are taught my specialist music teachers.

Participating in Drama encourages pupils to use their imagination and teaches them how to express and share feelings and ideas. It also builds self-confidence and develops the ability to work in a team for a shared goal. At Aldenham, drama is taken seriously (although it is fun!). the children are taught by specialist teachers and have the opportunity to put on large scale productions in the purpose built and fully equipped theatre.

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