Aldenham School, Founded 1597

To the top of the Shard and across Tower Bridge

School trips are an important, powerful teaching tool. They are used to bring purpose to learning, put it in context and provide children with a valuable, memorable learning experience. This was certainly achieved in Year 3 with this term’s school trip. As part of a Design and Technology topic – ‘Structures’ – they took a trip to London to visit the city’s most magnificently designed and constructed structures. Although they would see nearly of all London’s famous landmarks during our visit, the main aim of the day was to visit The Shard and Tower Bridge. The end goal – to design and create their very own structure inspired by their trip.With clear, blue skies they set off, wrapped up warm and ready for their London adventure. The children were excited to be transported by underground and they counted the stops until they arrived at London Bridge. As they stepped off the train, 18 open-mouthed children looked up at The Shard – their first stop. The children spent their time completing their scavenger hunt, drawing the breath-taking view and talking about the structure itself.After a spot of lunch by city hall, they made their way to Tower Bridge where they met their guides. They led them up and through the impressive bridge and talked them through the history and building of the bridge. Here the children lay tummies down, on the reinforced glass 140 feet above the Thames. They also got to see the old engine rooms that previously powered the opening of the bridge to allow boats through.While leaving London the children continued to talk about all they had seen. The intended impact of the school trip was written all over their faces – bright eyed and excited to report the day back at home with their parents and to use what they had seen when designing their own mini structures.

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