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IAPS outlines its vision for the independent education sector after the general election

We are members of the Independent Schools Council, and we work tirelessly across the entire education sector to ensure all children are educated to the highest possible standard.

The strength of our schools lies in their independence: we are not ashamed to say an IAPS education is an outstanding education. And we call upon the next government to ensure this excellence in education is opened up to even more pupils.

We have already committed to reduce the burden on the state, and IAPS is proudly part of ISC’s offer of 10,000 free places in independent schools for the most deprived children in society. These children will not be selected on the basis of their academic ability. Our schools are open to all.

We hope the next government takes us up on our offer, and see no reason why they shouldn’t.

Our schools already work in partnership with hundreds of state schools, and this will continue. Across the sector, over 175,000 state pupils benefit from a partnership with an ISC school. IAPS is a major contributor to this.

We share sports facilities, for example, allowing and encouraging children from all walks of life to engage with each other, compete, and increase their participation.

We work in partnership with state schools to improve access, share best practice, and promote success. We are breaking down barriers, and we hope the next government does not stand in our way.

It is a fundamental right for parents to choose where their children are educated. We ask all future governments to respect this.

The taxpayer saves £4bn through the number of children educated in independent schools. We call on all political parties to acknowledge this, and allow us to help them make further savings by improving access to our schools.

We will widen social mobility and help children thrive. Every child deserves the very best start in life, and IAPS can provide that.

We hope the manifestos of all major parties will include a commitment to allowing the independent education sector to thrive, and operate with the full support of the next government.

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