Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Anglo Saxon Day

Year 4 loved Anglo-Saxon day ran by 'Those History People'. As they entered school on Wednesday, they were very much in role of their new Anglo-Saxon character. The day provided a great opportunity to consolidate learning and get a real feel for what Anglo-Saxon life would have been like. In the morning, the children were immersed in market life, learning a new trade on each stall: weaving, pottery, scribing, sewing, metal and leather work. Throughout the morning our Anglo-Saxon leader, interrupted market life telling the story of Anglo-Saxon life. The children even learned battlefield skills and worked as a team to protect each other. In the afternoon, the children became archaeologists! They carefully unearthed Anglo-Saxon artefacts, described them and made assumptions about their use. They then became museum hosts, displaying their artefacts and their names. The day finished with some metal casting which the children were fascinated by. Year 4 were buzzing with Anglo-Saxon facts and didn't want the day to end!

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